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Terry Accomando
Mary Lou Anderson
Laddy Barnett
Linnell Barnhart
Paula Bellacera
Sharon Bellomo
Barbara Bent
Sharon Bloom
Lisa Bone
Biff Bourne
Connie Chadwick
Mary Classen
Bill Creitz
Marianne De Martini
George Dymesich
Chris Efstratis
Bruce Fairman
Sandy Feder
Michele Fisher
Russell Frank
Ruth Fricker
Marlene Gralicer
Judy Gustafson
John Hunter
Isabel Judge
Robert Kahl
Laura Kneppel
Ken Knott
Laurie Lee
Lorelee Love
Anita Lowe
Dania Lukey
Kanika Marshall
Gerilyn Maslowski
Mary Mendlein
Charles A. Moore
Debbie Moore-Yip
Barbara Newell
Amy Newsom
Linda Osborne
Rosalyn Parhams
Mark Pratton
Jacqueline Proulx
Elany Prusa
John Reiger
Sharon Rizzato
Myrna Sanders
Margo Scarpulla
Christine Shultz
Brenda Soi
Christine Templeton
Ann Testa
Dianne Van de Carr
Kathy White
Elizabeth Wocasek
Don Yost
Itsuko Zenitani

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Artwork by Terry Accomando Terry Accomando

  • Creator of functional and decorative ceramic pieces with interesting detail, structure and textures. Her beautiful glazes highlight the form of her work.
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Artwork by Mary Lou Anderson Mary Lou Anderson

  • Making beautiful glass art is my passion — whether fused, leaded, foiled, or sand-carved. Jewelry, pictures in glass, and table art are also part of my work.
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Artwork by Laddy Barnett Laddy Barnett

  • Laddy celebrates the diversity of life on Earth, mainly through creating a variety of animals sculpted into pottery.
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Artwork by Paula BellaceraPaula Bellacera

  • The spontaneity and plasticity of the clay medium makes handbuilding sculpture a process of discovery - full of surprises. My approach is a collaboration where the clay and I work together to discover hidden shapes and reveal emotions and personalities through animal forms.

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Artist Barbara BentBarbara Bent

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Artwork by Sharon Bloom Sharon Bloom

  • I am a long-time creator of hand painted ceramics, paintings, and anything art related. Painting on surfaces is my passion! Recently, I have been exploring more sculptural clay pieces. Creating texture in my work is something I am working on and I am having fun carving and scraping details into the surface.
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Artwork by Lisa Bone Biff Bourne

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Artwork by Biff Bourne Biff Bourne

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Artwork by Connie Chadwick Connie Chadwick

  • One of the group's founding members; Connie has made her livelihood from working with clay for most of her life. Also dear to her heart is her love of plants which is often combined with and represented in her clay works.

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Artwork by Mary Classen Mary Classen

  • I have been a full-time studio potter since 1973. I produce a wide range of functional ware inspired by my garden.

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Bill Creitz

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Artwork by Marianne De Martini Marianne De Martini

  • My interest in ceramics began at an early age when as a child I created entire market scenes out of modeling clay. Today I create hand carved candle lights, large lace bowls, delicate lotus-shaped bowls, and marbled jars made of two clays.
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George Dymesich

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Artist Chris Efstratis Chris Efstratis

  • Faces interest me, whether they are sad, funny, outrageous, and it is the character of the individual I seek. Reactions from people viewing my work can range from comments like: that impairs my vision, scary, human like, comical, what were you thinking?
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Artwork by Sandy Feder Sandy Feder

  • I've always done some kind of art or crafts. In college, I took a class on stained glass and have been making glass art for over 30 years. I am happy to create a custom piece to match some of the elements in your home or office.
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Artwork by Russell FrankRussell Frank

  • I must have been born for art because the first time I entered a competition at age 8, I won the national grand prize — a trip for my whole family to Disneyland. From then on I have studied and worked in a variety of media, my favorites being clay and pastels.
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Artwork by Ruth FrickerRuth Fricker

  • I started throwing pots in 1973. Currently, I'm working in cone 10, white stoneware and my passion is formulating and testing high fire glazes.
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Marlene Gralicer

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Artist Judy Gustafson Judy Gustafson
916-635-5407(H)  916-709-5808(C)

  • I make functional wheel thrown pieces. I fell in love with the feel of clay in my hands in the early 70s in high school, and on into college. Twenty four years later, after raising children and building a career in the financial industry, I carved out a corner of our garage. I call it "my studio."

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Artist John HunterJohn Hunter

  • I first took an interest in clay at Stockton College and was a classmate of Viola Fry, boy did she go far. Later I took an evening Adult Ed class at Sac. City. When friends started asking for my work, I got into doing shows. After 30+ years I stopped, but I still have an interest in clay.
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Artist Isabel Judge Isabel Judge

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Artist Laura Kneppel Laura Kneppel

  • I'm all about functional pottery, sculpture and raku-fired clay things. It's really not that difficult to fire your own raku kiln at home. All you need is some basic information and building skills. Oh, and a lot of free time to do it! Being a born pyromaniac also helps.
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Artist Anita Lowe Anita Lowe

  • What started as a time-passer more than 40 years ago has developed into a major avocation.

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Artist Kanika Marshall Kanika Marshall

  • I believe that my African ancestors work through my fingers to create each collectible art sculpture. My love of clay, people, cultural traditions, African fabric, and female-oriented art combine to produce an exciting and unique form of self-expression.
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Mary Mendlein

  • Sunburst Clay and Glass creates "Kiln Fired Art" specializing in raku pottery and fused glass jewelry handcrafted in the foothills of Northern California. I began my "Back to Nature" woven pots when featured at the 1990 National Contemporary Craft Competition out of Texas, and my grape pots were chosen to be showcased at the E D H "Street of Dreams" homes. I also can't get enough of making intricate fused glass jewelry and combine the two mediums often in one piece of art. With over 40 years of skill as an award winning artist and former gallery owner, Mary's pieces are inspired by the simple beauty found in the everyday.
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Artwork by Charles Moore Charles A. Moore

  • I love clay. I love the feel of clay and the potential of clay when I am throwing on the wheel and when I hand build. Clay forms attract me, as do surface treatments — painting, faceting, carving, chatter trimming, sgraffito. Above all, I love the possibilities — and the impossibilities — of glazes.
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Artwork by Barbara Newell Barbara Newell

  • I have enjoyed the feeling of wet clay on my hands for over thirty years. I wheel throw and hand build stoneware and porcelain, both decorative and functional. Textures are made using carved woodblock designs impressed into clay slabs.
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Linda Osborne

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Artwork by Rosalyn Parhams Rosalyn Parhams

  • My first exposure to art began with my mother making items for church fund raisers. I discovered a passion for clay and earned a degree before establishing a studio in my Fairfield home. My ceramic art is inspired by the mysticism of folk art, religious iconography, and ancient artifacts of Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
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Artist Mark Pratton Mark Pratton

  • Pottery to me has become a life's passion and my plan is to be making pottery the rest of my life. I started making pottery in my first year of college (1980). Little did I know then that I was "smitten;" but here I am (mumble mumble) years later, still making pots.
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Artwork by Jacqueline Proulx Jacqueline Proulx

  • I make mostly functional pieces. I now live in Rossmoor, in Walnut Creek and I am a permanent resident artist at the Moraga Art Gallery in Moraga.
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Elany Prusa

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Artist John Reiger John Reiger

  • So here I am, a gently graying potter, with a modicum of success, slowly potting my way through a good life. It's a hard way to make a living, but a wonderful way to live a life!
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Artwork by Sharon RizzatoSharon Rizzato
916-253-3958(H)  916-798-3016(C)
Elemental Designs

  • A lump of clay, a spinning wheel, throwing, trimming, glazing-> Hypnotic! Open the Kiln -> Magic Pottery! Hooked!!
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Myrna Sanders

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Margo Scarpulla

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Christine Shultz

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Brenda Soi

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Artwork by Christine TempletonChristine Templeton

  • My first experience with clay and its endless possibilities, was in a series of classes with Robert Arneson. I am particularly interested in the self expression, narrative aspect of clay sculpture; that it can also be used to create functional forms is an added bonus. Life experience and my relationship to nature are what inspire my work.
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Ann TestaArtist Ann Testa

  • Active in ceramics continuously since 1976, Ann does functional work in addition to the non-functional raku. She first studied ceramics at the University of California at Davis and has continued with many ceramics classes since.
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Artist Dianne Van de Carr Dianne Van de Carr

  • "I've always loved the color and texture of glass. Working in both 2-D and 3-D mediums offers many challenges and rewards. It's a thrill to see how light affects my work!"
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Artwork by Elizabeth WocasekElizabeth Wocasek

  • I have been a working artist for about 10 years and work in several media including art furniture, ceramics, and paintings. My "Earthen Critters" for the garden or home, are inspired by my love of furred and feathered creatures.
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Artwork by Kathy White Kathy White

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Artwork by Don Yost Don Yost

  • Started ceramics program at Cordova High. Retired in 2000 and built a studio. More craftsman than artist. Invented "greedy cup." Been around since dirt was invented.
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Artwork by Itsuko Zenitani Itsuko Zenitani

  • For the past several decades, Itsuko has developed unique throwing and decorating techniques such as hand-throwing porcelain to near translucent thinness.

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